Trafford Handball Club joins the biggest youth handball tournament in the world! 

After the pandemic and organised sports were canceled, est in 1970
Partille Cup was back better than ever this year.

Goteborg, home of the Savehof team, we recently signed a partnership with (, hosted an outdoor handball gathering. Over 1500 teams from 52 nations all over the world. The total number of matches played was an astounding 4929. For a week, that town turned into a handball celebration. Imagine a public bus full of teams from different sides of the world singing, chanting, and laughing together.

Trafford Handball Club, the first club from England, proudly took part in it this year.

We got invited to an opening ceremony, where we got to go on stage in front of 15 000 people. We went to the biggest theme park in Sweden, rode roller-coasters, enjoyed ice cream, and laughed at our funny pictures taken during the rides. Yes, we also got to try famous Swedish meatballs and mash. It was delicious, and according to Partille Cup’s official website, they served over 200 000 meatballs to feed the participants.

On top of that, we played a lot of handball. Often two games a day, against teams with different handball playing styles. It was intense but worth it. The experience we gained is priceless.

Quoting Stan, the Chairman, in a closing speech to the team:

“I love spending time with you. I had a great time, hope you had a great time as well. I brought you here as handball amateurs, and I am coming home with handball fanatics! You are absolute legends!”

We not only played handball but also watched several games every day, including some impressive finals in various age categories. We plan to bring that experience to our local court and develop on gained knowledge.

On the last day of the tournament, we exchanged our kits with players from all over the world and made new friends. Not only did we learn valuable handball lessons, the world learned about our club and efforts. Win-win for everybody involved.

We hope to go back next year and continue this tradition in the coming years. j