Two worlds collide as Trafford Handball Club announces a collaboration with IK Sävehof, the biggest handball club in the world located in Partille.

On the 26th of March, Stan Belinski, THC chairman, visited IK Sävehof for a couple of days to negotiate a cooperation agreement between both clubs for the coming seasons.

Introduction to IK Sävehof:

Established in 1950, it is the biggest handball club in the world. Their home matches take place at the Partille Arena, which has a capacity of 4,000.

IK Sävehof organises the largest handball tournament in the world with 22 000 participants divided into 1400 teams from 50 countries! Starting this summer, Trafford Handball Teams will take part in it.

Sävehof teams won Championship in Sweden on several occasions and performed well in international tournaments around the globe.

Summary of the meeting:

Stan, thanks to a mentoring program with Sävehof ‘s Club Director Stefan Albrechtson, will get an insight into the operations, executive coaching, and leadership training on the highest level. He will bring it back to local courts and make sure that his teams have the opportunity to access that knowledge and benefit from it.

Trafford Handball will bring players over to Sävehof from September 2022 during the half-terms in the UK (October half-term, December half-term, February half-term, Easter half-term).

THC would also take their young coaches to Sävehof for workshops on theory and practice.

Trafford Handball will participate in Partille Cup this summer with two teams and bring the rest of the teams (U12 – Senior Boys & Girls) beginning next year.

IK Sävehof is going to come over with a few teams to Trafford for handball youth tournaments in the coming year.

It is a great opportunity and a unique chance to directly engage with each other, share knowledge and resources regarding player development and enhance the relationship between the clubs. We believe IK Sävehof will offer their educational expertise and insight into training. Also, give THC new ways to work with players and lead their personal development at all levels.

Trafford Handball Club is excited to leverage IK Sävehof’s capabilities and range to develop innovative education for its players. Both groups are excited about future collaboration. We hope it is a great base to improve the core academy training programs and management systems. Everyone will continue to thrive as a result of the partnership.

We are community-driven projects, and together we can achieve a lot more!

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